Conversation & Collaboration

Did you pay for a new website that didn’t increase your business? In today’s market, design must serve a business goal by increasing Awareness, Revenue, or Efficiency. In order to do that, we must first get to know who you ARE?

We’ll work together to create digital solutions for your business.

Art Hill Strategy Session - CoCreativ Downtown St. Petersburg Office

By defining your brand, customers’ needs, and business goals we are able to create solutions that immediately impact your business.

Brand Attributes Exercise
Customer Profiles
Outline Business Goals

Now that we have our clearly defined goals, we’ll talk through a prioritization exercise and come up with a strategic plan on what to execute first.

Prioritization Exercise

Who is your competition? What are they selling? Who are they selling to? Why did they buy? Where do you want to be positioned in the market?

Competitive Audit
Vertical Analysis
Horizontal Analysis

I translate your brand attributes into quick mood boards to form a fit check and verify that we are all in agreement on how the project can look.

Mood Boards

Now that we have a clear direction on your project, I begin the creating the initial mockups.

Rough Sketching / Wire-Frames
Design Mockups

Time to put the final polish on the project and get final signoff from all stakeholders.

Quality Assurance Testing
Pre-Launch Approval

Now that the test drive is over, we can launch it to the masses, analyze how people are using it, and make adjustments.

Analytics and KPI Reporting
A/B Testing


Web Design and Development

Mobile-friendly websites that champion your brand.

Email Marketing

It's not your license to spam. Create meaningful email communications that your customers value.


Find that thing that makes you different and tell your story in the messaging, tone, customer interaction, and visual identity.