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The life of a Professional Fisherman 01:41
Surviving Hurricane Irma 03:46
How I got my start in the industry 11:39
The day and a life of a Digital Art Director 14:38
Fishing Tactics = Marketing Tactics 17:44
Apple’s new iPhone X notch challenge 22:04

Talking Shop.

As the featured guest on the live YouTube show Thunder Nerds, we discussed how I create digital marketing campaigns, offshore fishing tactics and the symmetry between the two. We also got into how the Hard Rock brand helped launch my career, Apple’s iPhone X, surviving Hurricane Irma, and much more.

The Experience.

Being on the show was a great experience. As I’m no stranger to public speaking, it was my first time broadcasting from why home office. Frederick and I talked a few months earlier about what we’d be discussing. Their was a preshow agenda that we collaborated on about a week out and before I knew it, we were broadcasting live. I’m just glad this it didn’t up like the BBC guy broadcasting from home.

Special Thanks.

I have to thank the host Frederick Wiess and Brian Hinton for having me. I love the shows’ casual conversation format. It makes it easy to listen, participate and learn the latest industry trends.